Our Milk

Our mission is to provide the highest quality and freshest milk to the Pakistani domestic market. We aim to set new standards for responsible farming, and commit to taking good care of our animals, our staff and the environment. In this way, end users will be proud to drink locally-produced milk that is tasty, nutritious, farm-fresh, and of the highest quality.


All milk is marketed through our network of Pakistani milk processors and we do not sell raw milk directly to consumers. Our milk is currently being purchased by a reputable milk processor, Fauji Foods, and may be found at supermarkets and retail outlets under different brand names.


High quality and freshness

Our cows are housed in dry, spacious barns that are regularly cleaned and disinfected. At milking time, the cows enter our advanced milking parlour, equipped with the latest DeLaval machines, and are handled by our experienced staff. Protocols for proper milking are strictly followed throughout the entire milking process. The milk is automatically and immediately transferred to the cooling tank for refrigeration for maximum freshness.


Hygiene standards

At every step cleanliness and hygiene is the top priority. Our automated parlour cleaning system ensures we adhere to the highest possible hygienic standards. Bacterial counts, aflatoxin levels and milk composition are tested on a daily and weekly basis to ensure the highest quality levels.


Antibiotic-free milk

At Minha Farms, we are committed to our cows’ health and well-being, and to providing antibiotic-free milk. Whilst we minimise our use of antibiotics, by focusing on preventive measures such as proper nutrition and housing, their use sometimes becomes necessary. In these cases, they are used cautiously and in accordance with veterinary guidance, and milk from treated cows is discarded until it is free of residue. Every load of milk received at the dairy processing plant is tested prior to being unloaded to ensure its quality and safety.



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