Our Cows

Minha Farms is home to 2,450 happy cows and 525 healthy heifers, and counting. We are currently in the process of expanding our farming operations and space allocation to accommodate up to 2,200 milking cows within our existing facility.


We aim to expand our herd up till 5,000 cows in the next five years. To date, we have built a facility to accommodate 2,200 milking cows along with a hospital. Our DeLaval milking parlour is fully operational to milk up to 2,000 cows, three times a day.


Friesian Holstein and Jersey cows

The majority of our herd consists of Friesian Holstein cows, originating from Australia. This breed of dairy cattle originates from the Dutch province of Friesland, and what is now Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. They are known as the world’s highest-production dairy animals. Our Friesian Holsten cows produce 27 litres of milk per day. In addition to the black and white animals, we have 20 brown jersey cows who produce 24 litres per day on average.


Over 1,000 calves per year

Each year, Minha Farms welcomes an average of 1,000 cows into the world. The calving season starts from summer and continues into the winter months. The medical team helps with the delivery of calves and takes care of the freshly calved animals. We have a special maternity ward where the close-up (near calving) cows are kept in a safe environment.



We provide our cows with a balanced, nutritious diet of corn silage, hay and straw in forages with protein sources, corn grain and feed additives in concentrate diet for the optimal well-being of the animals.



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