Herd Size Expansion with Australian Heifers

Running actively since January 2015, Minha Farms has been assisting a large number of high profile clients following responsible farming principles. In order to expand the herd size of almost 1,750 well-fed cows, Minha Farms has recently placed an order of another 1,250 Australian heifers of the Frisian Holstein breed.
Recently, a delegation of Minha Farms travelled to Victoria and Perth in Australia to select the shipment from multiple farms. The Australian heifers are expected to be transported via sea by an exclusive animal transport ship. The shipment is anticipated to arrive in the 3rd week of January, 2017. Australia has world-class livestock export standards in terms of coverage (of species and phases of transportation) and capacity to deliver acceptable outcomes (measured against animal welfare indicators).

For the import of prime dairy cattle, we are currently importing through Pro-farm, Pakistan with a consortium of Wellard Rural Exports and Atlas Exports from Australia. Wellard Rural Exports is among the major exporters of cattle in the world. They own and operate some of the largest cattle ships that will ensure smooth, flexible and fast shipping. To be exact, Atlas Exports has an excellent track record of over 20 years with countries such as Mexico, Oman, Saudi, Kuwait and Pakistan.

As far as the shipping is concerned, smooth and fast shipping regime will certainly ensure that the he1ifers will reach Karachi port in a healthier and better overall condition. Wellard is also known for operating a high-tech and advanced fleet of cattle ships in Australia. These ships are purpose-built and equipped with the technology to maintain interruption-free shipping even during unfavorable weather conditions. Such advancements will ensure minimum impact of shipping. Thus, sustaining the condition of the heifers.

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