First solar panels installed

The first solar panels of our innovative solar project to become an energy neutral dairy farm in Pakistan, are installed. By switching to solar power, we minimize our carbon footprint, reduce energy costs and are independent from unreliable utility supply.

Throughout history, farmers have harnessed the power of the sun to grow crops and feed for livestock. At Minha Farms, we are also looking at the sun, only this time to provide solar energy to power our dairy business.

We have taken an innovative approach to power our farm with solar photovoltaics (PV) panels. By commencing a first-of-its-kind solar project in Pakistan to produce on-site renewable energy, we tapped into the expertise of our Dubai-based sister-company, Flexiway Solar Solutions. We are currently in the testing phase and the first results of the already operational PV panels are very promising.

By switching to solar power we minimise the harmful impact of fossil fuel-based power. We reduce greenhouse gas (CO2) emission and this is how we help save the environment from the dangerous effects of global warming. At the same time, we are no longer dependent on utility supply and the volatility of energy costs. Our aim is to be fully energy-neutral and generate 100% of the power required to manage Minha Farms, using the latest solar innovations.

We strive to lead by example and inspire other agri-businesses to convert to solar power, actively implementing our strong social corporate responsibility (CSR)agenda. Sustainability is a key element in our overarching CSR strategy, which focusses traditionally on people, planet and profit. At Minha Farms, we would like to include animals as well!

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