To ensure the highest quality milk whilst maintaining the freshness and valuable nutrients, we perform standard quality control tests in our in-house laboratory. The lab is managed by a qualified and experienced quality manager.


The quality of fresh milk is carefully monitored. At every step of the milking process, cleanliness and hygiene is our top priority. Our automated parlour cleaning system ensures we adhere to the highest possible hygienic standards. Bacterial counts, aflatoxin levels and milk composition are tested on a daily and weekly basis to ensure the highest quality levels.


In addition, we also check the quality of the feed delivered to our farm. We test every commodity that is brought to us and fed to the cows.


In case antibiotics are administered, the treatments are used cautiously and in accordance with all labels and veterinary guidance. Milk from treated cows is discarded until it is free of residue, and every load of milk received at the dairy processing plant is tested prior to being unloaded to ensure its quality and safety.



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