Farm Hospital

Animal welfare is our top priority. At Minha Farms, we believe that happy cows produce tastier, more nutritious and higher quality milk. That’s why we take the utmost care of our milk bearers and check them regularly in our own farm hospital.


Our five qualified veterinarians and five veterinarian technicians take care of our herd. The medical staff looks after the animals that have fallen sick and provides them with the best care and treatment in the on-site clinic. The basic drugs, supplied from our own farm pharmacy, include pain killers, immune boosters, antibiotics and supportive therapy.


On average, we treat 20 to 25 cows each day. In addition, we vaccinate each animal three to four times a year, to protect them against seasonal diseases.


Maternity ward

Each year, Minha Farms welcomes an average of 1050 cows into the world. The calving season starts from summer and continues into the winter months. The medical team helps with the delivery of calves and takes care of the freshly calved animals. We have a special maternity ward where the close-up (near calving) cows are kept in a safe environment.


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